The Bullfight Delusion

More on the suffering of bulls in bullfights from a scientific perspective here:

(Click on the image to read more about bulls’ suffering during bullfights from a scentific perspective)

During this weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with colleagues that came from different countries (US, UK, Japan and China) for a project in the company I work.

So, of course, they wanted to see traditional stuff in my city. In the last days there have been many activities due to Dead’s Day, and among other things, there was a lot of bullfighting going on.

The Japanese guy asked to go to a bullfight and one of the Mexican managers offered to take the group, while I declined as politely as I could.

Being such a passionate animal right activist, going to a bullfight is the kind of thing I just can’t approve.

The manager who took the group seems to be a fan of these grotesque shows, and afterwards while discussing with the foreigners about the bullfight, it amazed me how DELUSIONAL -literally- “taurinos” can be.

This guy talked about how bulls are incontrollable, fierce, powerful beasts and about the great courage toreros have by facing these animals.*

All I could think of, was that this guy was trying to deceive the foreigners or simply he was plain stupid and actually believed what he was saying.

Taurinos will tell you that bullfight is an ancient tradition, that is a sacred heritage. They will even go as far as to call this an art. But it is not. It’s just science.

It is the science of torture, the only science MAN has ever mastered.

NOTHING in this show is real, except from the animal’s suffering.

Here are some FACTS about bullfighting:

24 hours before the fight, the bull has been locked up in a confined, reduced, dark space inside the arena.

There, the horns are “shaved” (to make them less dangerous) and during the confinement the animal is given water with sulfates to drink, and substances are placed in his eyes and legs to make them itch.

It is made sure that when the animal goes out to the fight, he is disoriented and confounded so the torero’s performance is better.

The first movements of the bull are fierce due to fear and self-defense instinct. The screams, lights and music in the arena might terrify the animal, so it may try to escape even jumping the barriers.

After the bull gets dizzy with a few movements with the cape,  and the torero faces the bull in a much calmer state to start with the first part of the punishment: the ‘picadores’ with horses.

Horses with little or no commercial value are chosen for this task since after two or three fights, the horse will most likely die by the bulls attempts to defend himself.

The ‘picadores’ main function is to bleed the bull, to make it weak and also destroy several muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

A single struck by the ‘picadores’ could kill the bull if done properly, but the punishment is delayed in three parts, for “the audience’s pleasure”

Already weak and hurt, the bull is submitted to the second part: the “banderillas”.

These banderillas are placed in the same damaged place to continue to bleed the bull.

The hooks inside hurt immensely with every move of the bull due to their weight and that is precisely their function.

Some banderillas have hooks of 8 centimeters to prolong and make the damage more profound.

When the bull is near of exhaustion, torero can relax and can even afford to give his back to the bull after an especially “artistic” movement, walking proud and the chest high while the public applauds.

The animal, too hurt already faces now the final assault: death.

The bull will get a sword of 80 centimeters inserted in his body.

If the bull is lucky, he will die with a single struck of the sword, which is not intended for the heart, but to destroy his lungs, diaphragm, and main arteries. Hence the hemorrhage from the mouth.

The bull desperate to survive, resists to fall and will try to find the door from where he came from and led him to such horror and pain.

Giving up, the bull finally falls painting the floor red with his blood.

The fight is over, the sword is withdrawn from the bull’s body and torero gives one final punishment.

The animal is stabbed on the back of his neck and spinal cord with a knife of 10 centimeters. Usually the bull does not die yet, due to his great size and strength.

This is what we're teaching our children...

Completely paralyzed, not able to move even for basic respiratory movements, the bull will slowly die of asphyxia.

During his last moments, the bull still feels how his ears and tail are cut off, if the torero’s “fight” was “worth it”.

Without control over his own body from the neck down, the bull is aware of being dragged out of the arena.

Have you ever seen or heard a bull crying?


However, I do agree with taurinos in something: there is a great display of courage, honor, dignity  and pride in bullfights. There is a figure worth of admiration and respect: THE BULL.

It is him at the end, the one with no sense of what’s good or what’s wrong, the one who does not know malice because animals don’t kill for entertainment, the one who is considered a beast, a being below men in the evolutionary scale… It is the bull who gives us a lesson of true, genuine COURAGE.

He is in a closed space where he cannot escape and faces his murderer who is helped by many others, while the bull only has the tools nature has giving him to defend his life.

He strikes back, even though he does not stand a chance, showing HONOR most men will never achieve in their whole lives.

He fights for little DIGNITY until the very end, even through mockery from the crowd who incessantly chants ‘Olé, olé!!’ celebrating that the torero, a pansy in tights, can “handle” a severely wounded terrified animal.

He fights for his life and faces his mortal destiny -a destiny that men set upon him from the day he was born- with PRIDE. And still, before dying, this magnificent animal offers to the only monsters currently inhabiting this planet, a show… an entertainment that taurinos believe is the only valid reason a bull has to exist.

And the bull does all of this while the public might not even pay attention to his tragedy, because for taurinos, going to the bullfights is not only an opportunity to boast their egos by feeling superior and more powerful than the bull, it is also the time to socialize, and get drunk, but most importantly, they reassure their social status, because for some reason they consider bullfights as a high-class, intellectual, fancy activity.

One of the most common excuses or reasons taurinos use to defend bullfights is naming all those famous actors, writers and poets who enjoyed them, as if that would make this act any less atrocious, when in reality it just makes all those famous people look bad and less worthy of admiration.

Ironic, how the “crème de la crème” of Mexico’s society has a barbaric, cruel, medieval, twisted point of view of what a civilized entertainment should be. No wonder we’re rotting in corruption and poverty.

Finally, taurinos claim for ‘respect’, respect for their ideas and their sadistic preferences, saying that EVEYBODY is entitled to have their own opinion.

A few days ago, one taurino went as far as to quote Benito Juárez: Respect for the rights of others means peace”

My answer?: CUT THE CRAP, PSYCO… You can’t ask what you can’t give. When taurinos RESPECT animal’s right to live, or at least to die in a dignified way, not in an arena with no escape of being tortured to death for entertainment, then, AND ONLY THEN they will obtain the respect they ask for.

Benito Juárez was a good man, an orphan of humble indigenous origins, who as a child worked as a shepherd, that was illiterate until adolescence and that through hard work became (possibly the best) President of Mexico.

I won’t allow any pseudointellectual high-class bastard to quote him and change the meaning of what he intended.

It was, after all, Benito Juárez who also said: “The protection of animals forms an essential part of the moral and cultural aspects of civilized cultures”

I am convinced that a person who enjoys this kind of spectacles is a pedantic, sadistic, narcissistic, selfish ASSHOLE with an inferiority complex, a troubled mind, and with no morals, ethics or sense of what is right and what is not.

I am SURE (actually I KNOW, by experience) they torture people as well: families, friends, partners… either verbally, emotionally or even physically.

And that the only thing keeping them from actually killing people is that they really have not had the opportunity to do so.

Small steps towards the abolition of bullfights are taking effect. Not long ago these were banished from Barcelona. But there is still a long way to go. Meanwhile, we will have to be strong, keep going, and NOT BE TOLERANT with this.

Can you imagine if Hitler would have asked for understanding because `everybody has a right to have their own opinion´?: “You may not agree with me, but I have the right to think whatever I want and I hate Jews and I am going to torture them and kill them, and you have to be tolerant. It’s an art!”

Well… think about this next time you want to defend bullfights:


*Bulls are generally calm, peaceful animals who tend to behave violently only when defending themselves or their territory. According to zoologist Jordi Casamitjana, bulls are “very peaceful animals that spend most of their live[s] eating grass, sleeping and playing with each other… ” The breeders of bulls used in bullfights admit that these bulls are purposely bred to be aggressive,  fierce, and to attack, not defend.

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  1. Miguel Estaña Gimeno
    Jul 14, 2016 @ 10:29:14



  2. Miguel Estaña Gimeno
    Jul 14, 2016 @ 10:35:23

    14 de Julio de 2016
    Visión personal del mundo taurino………
    .Para mi los toreros son los seres más infantiles que existen o de los más infantiles ,ya que teniendo una edad son capaces de jugarse la vida de ellos mismos y en algunos casos siendo padres ,les importa más la fama y el dinero que dejar sin padres a sus hijos.
    Por todo ello pienso que un torero me demuestra que tiene una mentalidad infantil y piensa que la supera jugándose la vida en el ruedo y como finalidad última lo que pretende es que le saquen en hombros y a si consigue verse por encima de todo el mundo ,cuando es todo lo contrario desde un punto de vista racional y sentido común
    Hablando de los aficionados les sucede lo mismo ,y cuando presencian una corrida se identifican con el torero ,arriesgando la vida en el lugar del otro por supuesto.
    Por todo ello la TORTURA no la ven ,aunque desde el punto de vista de cualquiera se puede apreciar y demostrar clara mente que eso es imposible ,pero les ciega la fama ,el dinero , el salir en hombros y el jugarse la vida aunque dejen hijos sin padres en algunos casos; los que si se dan cuenta son los apoderados y todos los que viven del tema que si se terminan las corridas de toros se les va el negocio esos son los que estan a favor de que su fiesta continue ,la mal llamada FIESTA TAURINA que el único que no participa de la fiesta es el TORO que es el que va obligado a la plaza vivo y coleando y lo sacan muerto o agonizando.
    Los toros son TORTURADOS en las plazas y los TOREROS continuan acercandose a la muerte ,para demostrar su valentia que lo único que demuestran es esa mentalidad infantil cegada por la FAMA Y EL DINERO .
    Es mi opinión y respeto cualquier otra ,por contraria que sea a la mia…..Miguel Estaña.



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